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First seen on the TreZor (2016), SYMBIOZ (2017), and MORPHOZ (2019) concept cars, the brand-new OpenR single-screen combines – in an upside-down ‘L’ – the digital instrument panel and central console multimedia screen. This is the first time such technology will be standard issue for such cars and has been made possible thanks to many long years of work from the Renault Design, Product and Engineering teams. It also houses the central air vents, in keeping with the flush finish of the car’s interior.

The OpenR screen is made using reinforced glass for a more robust finish that is pleasing to touch and to look at. Screen brightness and light reflectiveness have both been optimised to ensure good visibility even in full sunlight; enhanced by the anti-reflection coat. The traditional dashboard sun guard has therefore been removed as no longer necessary, saving space and making the final look more streamline and modern.

The OpenR screen has a display area like no other: 321 cm² for the 12.3-inch dashboard screen (1920 x 720 pixels, landscape) and 453 cm² for the 12-inch multimedia screen (1250 x 1562 pixels, portrait). The on-board digital interfacing therefore measures a total of 774 cm², unlike any other vehicle in the category, more in line with the much larger top-end sedans! The entry level model features a 9-inch multimedia screen (1250 x 834 pixels, landscape).

The OpenR screen incorporates state-of-the-art technology for a smooth and immersive experience. In particular the latest-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with multiple display capabilities, advanced connectivity with USB-C ports, and essential technology for on-board safety and ADAS (e.g., 3D Around View Monitor). As for on-board software, the new OpenR Link system with Google built-in, for an intuitive and optimized connected experience.

Highly intuitive
The OpenR Link system is powered by Android Automotive OS which is based on Android OS, the same operating system used to run more than 75% of smartphones around the world*. Developed by Google, the software is open source, scalable, and always up to date.

Simple and intuitive, OpenR Link integrates all the functions that can be found in a smartphone or tablet, making the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric an intuitive experience as it is fully integrated into the digital ecosystem of its user. It can also be used like a tablet, with either a single finger (short tap, long tap, scroll), multiple fingers (pinch, zoom, etc.), or by using the voice recognition software. It receives and displays notifications and allows you to easily navigate between its different spaces (Home/Navigation, Music, Phone, Applications, Vehicle) all thanks to the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Finally, just like when using a smartphone or tablet, OpenR Link updates automatically, via FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) technology

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