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The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric leverages the CMF-EV platform’s best aspects to offer the roomiest interior related to its footprint. Driver and passengers alike enjoy an obstacle-free environment with optimal comfort and a touch of modernity from the new OpenR screen.

Interior dimensions of the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric are similar to those of the ICE-powered Mégane if not bigger. The CMF-EV platform serves to enhance the car’s overall spaciousness and practicality with an extended wheelbase, smaller engine compartment incorporating air-conditioning components, pared back dashboard, and so on. Thus, passengers can enjoy extra roominess in the centre console and under the dashboard area. Moreover, interior space and comfort have been increased thanks to the absence of a drive-shaft tunnel, gear stick and control panel usually integrated on the centre console.

First seen on the TreZor (2016), SYMBIOZ (2017), and MORPHOZ (2019) concept cars, the brand-new OpenR single screen combines the digital instrument panel and central console multimedia screen. The OpenR screen is made using reinforced glass for a more robust finish that is pleasing to touch and to look at. Screen brightness and light reflectiveness have both been optimised to ensure good visibility even in full sunlight, enhanced by the anti-reflection coating. The traditional dashboard sun hood has therefore been removed as no longer necessary, saving space and making the final look more streamlined and modern.

Find out more about the interior screen of the new Renault Megane Electric.

Inspiration from the world of home furniture is very present inside the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric with unusual or recycled materials giving the interior a welcoming and homely feel. The designers sought to go beyond more traditional materials such as plastic, and the more classic colours like black.

Hence, the dashboard on entry and mid-range versions has been topped with a textile finish, while the premium trim comes with faux-leather TEP. The upper contour of the dashboard and upper strip of the inner door panels feature Alcantara upholstery for mid-range cars and a decorative ‘Nuo’ wood finish on the premium trim. Nuo is an innovative new material made of thin lime timber veneer bonded to a cotton textile backing using an environmentally friendly adhesive. This will be its first use in a production model and, paired with TEP for the upper dashboard, Warm Titanium stitching throughout the passenger cockpit, and genuine leather seats, it helps give the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric a refined and elegant feel.

Every grade features a decorative strip that stretches across the dash and into the door panels creating a greater sense of visual width. It also incorporates a strip of lights on the upper trim, available as an option on mid-range trims.

Upholstery on the entry trim level is made entirely out of 100% recycled materials. The mid-level trim with combined TEP/fabric upholstery is also 100% recycled. Lastly, the front and rear backrests and seat panels on the premium trim are entirely leather. They come in two colour schemes: titanium black with decorative trim in Warm Titanium or light sandy grey with moka trim. Across all trim packages, storage compartments in the door panels are lined with carpet for added visual comfort and sound proofing.

In shifting the gear selector behind the steering column and relocating the MULTI-SENSE button to the steering wheel, it freed up more space between the two front seats which now houses a 7-litre storage compartment. There are also two additional cup holders and 3 litres of storage located under the central armrest which can slide by 55mm for better comfort. All in all, the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric offers 30 litres of on-board storage, the best in its class.

The mood lighting in the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is full LED and based on the human body’s natural 24-hour circadian cycles to optimise the well-being of those on-board. Find out more on the Renault Megane Electric Living Lights.

The boot boasts a total volume of 440 litres while the charging cables have their own 22-litre storage area accessible via a removable boot floor panel. Find out more about The Boot Space in the Renault Megane Electric.

The central armrest can slide back and forward to offer a convenient storage space housing two USB-C ports and a 12V socket. Two more USB-C ports for 2nd row passengers are located behind the armrest. Depending on the chosen trim, front seats come with power-controlled adjustments including lumbar support and heating function. Lastly, the bottom of the multimedia screen is host to a number of piano-type buttons and a smartphone dock. The smartphone can be positioned horizontally, for inductive charging, or vertically to view its screen.

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