All New Homes To Have EV Chargepoints

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Post by Rob » Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:15 am

If pending UK legislation becomes law, all new home construction will include electric vehicle (EV) charging installations. New office buildings are part of the plan, too: they will need to provide charging infrastructure per every 5 parking spaces.

Starting in 2022, the new law will accelerate the rate of installations, which would move the current 500 charging point installations per month up to 700.

The EV legislation, first revealed last year, was newly deconstructed on Monday by Department for Transport Minister Rachel Maclean. “We will publish our consultation response on requiring all new residential and non-residential buildings to have a charge point, and we intend to lay legislation later this year,” Maclean explained. The Consultation, which was made available online for public comment, is a package of announcements to support electric vehicle drivers and improve the experience of charging.

“We also confirmed our intention to mandate that home and workplace electric vehicle chargers must be capable of smart charging,” Maclean added.

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