EV owners wasting £13.2m

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Its GBNews so you know before clicking on the link its a crock of sh!t

Yes its true public charging is very expensive. So are solicitor fees but nobody suggests you don't use solicitors.

But maybe I have to accept that GBNews patrons just don't have the sense to equate the 15P or less per KWH they get charged at home with the 79P per KWH they get charged at a public charger.

But maybe even GBNews patrons charge as often as they can at home and just accept its market forces that dictate the higher charge when doing long journeys at that even then its way cheaper overall then using a fossil fuel.

If I spend £10 a month on public charging its about my average. A very reasonable price to pay for most of my mileage at around 4p a mile and the convenience of longer runs at a higher cost still being viable.
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