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Post by tarbat »

Hi, I'm Chris. Currently we drive a Fiat 500e La Prima, one of the "1 of 500" launch cars. Now looking to move to something with a bit more range and space, and hoping we can get a Megane eTech before spring 2023. Many years ago we owned a Megane!


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Post by Arefriendselectric »

Hello, I joined yesterday. I have a MG ZS EV on order since November but there is no sign of it arriving soon. I may switch to the Megane if there is only a couple of months in it. Do we think there is a chance of the Megane arriving in 2022 or will it be 2023?
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Post by JAZ »

I am a Belgian retired automotive and electronic engineer, just cancelled my IONIQ 5 order in favour of a Megane 60KWh EV220 Iconic.
I have bought a Zoe R90 40kWh end 2017 as second car. Now that I am retired I want to sell my Zoe and buy (normally tomorrow) a new Megane EV220 Iconic in red (“rouge flamme”)
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Post by Rob »

Welcome to the forum all of you :)
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Post by Shahev »

My wife owned the Renault 19 16v. It was the best handling hot hatchback I belive in the early 90s. So we are keen now to buy another Renault and I am hoping we can get UK demo cars before Renault take orders for the launch edition.
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Post by BillyWhizz »


I've just joined (having followed the forum as a guest for a while).

For me, going electric has become a bit of an obsession over the last 18 months or so.

The Megane is the first car which looks to give me what I'm looking for in terms of style (not too different for the sake of it), interior quality, range, comfort, (relative) affordability and size (although they're obviously in vogue, I don't want a "bus" to drive).

I've put myself on the priority list and am looking forward to hearing more soon...
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Post by Ob1ccfc »

Hi all,

I’m a current ID3 owner and have just registered on the Megane etech priority list.
Seems a good all round compact package.
Just needs the right price!!
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Hi ciao
I'm Freddie from Como Lake nice ti meet yours here
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Post by vini »

Hi all,

Paul here, from Yorkshire in the UK. took ownership of my new megane etech two weeks ago and just loving it!
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Welcome to The Club! 👋 | | | |
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