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Regularly getting about 210 miles now

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I did a 178 mile round trip twice over the Easter weekend - to collect and return a relative. Journey to collect was at a temperature range of 15 - 17 degrees C and I arrived home with with 56 miles range - so an indicated 234 total. Return journey 2 days later was at 13 - 15 degrees C and I arrived home with 44 miles range so an indicated 222 total. Both journeys were with minimal traffic with motorway driving with cruise set to 70mph accounting for about 130 miles on each trip. This is a massive difference to when I first collected the car in early Jan when temps in the South of the UK rarely exceeded 3 degrees C and I was lucky to see a 170 mile range. It seems to disprove Renaults statement that the UK didn't need a heat pump (now being included in the 23 model year cars) . It is however encouraging for the summer months! My previous car was a first gen. Hyundai Ioniq with a 28kw hour battery and heat pump as standard and max variation was around 20 miles in these temperatures/ conditions.
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