Car constantly responds to remote being near.

Faults and Technical chat for the Renault Megane Electric
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Post by Phorridge »

The auto unlocking and locking as you approach seemed cool at first. But I soon got fed up with the car locking and unlocking as I loaded suitcases for a trip or each time I wandered close while parked on the drive.
So I disabled the auto unlock.
But even now if I walk past the car it flashes it's lights and I hear something clunk inside.
Why can't it just be dumb until I unlock via the remote?
It seems to be making it easier for thrives with scanners to access the car as the car responds to a positive card signal.
I'd rather the car did nothing till I unlocked.
I much prefer our Nissan process that allows you to lock and unlock with a fob a fraction the Renault one but the 2 front doors and boot have a small rubber button that will lock/unlock if the key is near.
Much easier to get out the car and press the button on the door to lock and not have to dig out the remote fob. Made harder because you can't tell which button is which in your pocket.

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Post by DAS »

I disabled the auto unlock/lock. Apart from the annoyance I think the manual lock with the card also prevents relay attacks.
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Post by colinsmith18 »

I totally agree with you. I also switched off the remote locking/unlocking for the same reasons as you but I fail to see how useful it is to have lights flash just because I am passing the car with my key in my pocket!
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